Monday, May 28, 2007

Here we go again......

Sorry for the complete lack of postings in the last six months. Wow.... I can't believe it has been that long. Here's my list of excuses, well actually, it boils down to being cheap....

Our computer fried as all computers do at some point. We still haven't splurged and gotten a new one. As you see, there is no picture attached to this entry as I am quickly updating our site from the comfort of my office. Yes, I know I should be working, but we will just call this break the "getting even with smokers" break.

So, here's the update..... A month or so ago, we moved back to Orlando for work. We sold our house in Alpharetta in great time. We had a contract four days after we listed it. We then bought a house in Orlando in record time. We closed on the new house four days after closing on the old house.

Since moving into the house, we have spent every minute painting and unpacking. This will be the first house that does not have ANY white walls. Unfortunately, like Ryan, we did not take any before pictures. Hopefully, before I start on the exterior (painting and landscaping) we will take a few photos.

Here's an update on us....

Kayla couldn't be happier. She is surrounded by family. She plays with her cousins all week. There are also quite a few girls her age in the neighborhood. The last place she wants to be is home with her mom and dad.

For those of you who are not aware.... We are expecting another baby girl toward the end of June. Elisa is doing very well. She is one tough cookie. Nothing slows her down.

Here is where YOU come in. We are looking for names. Ryan, Rex is not an option. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that our daughter is walking around using the name of YOUR choice.

Give us your thoughts. Soon we will start posting pictures again. We are currently working on finishing up our home office. This is the first house that we will have a dedicated home office in. At that point, we will probably have to splurge and pick up a new computer. Then we will have to think about paying for internet. That's a stretch considering we don't even have cable.

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