Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Kayla!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Kayla!!!!! On Sunday, we met up with Kayla's best friend Faith and her family. They had almost a full day together. We met for an early lunch so they could play. We then went to "Build-a-Bear." They each made their own Teddy Bear. It's funny that they picked out the same one (but dressed them different). Of course, Kayla's had to have a pink dress!!! When it was time to name her new bear, she chose Sarah (thanks to Grandpa)!!! We ended the day at an indoor play ground. It is funny to watch them play. They will be on different sides of the area, then they will look up at the same time and run back to each other. They had a great time.

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Ryan said...

Happy birthday Kayla! Sorry Uncle Ryan and Aunt Makiko's gift will be late again this year. I'm glad to see that your Daddy is blogging again.