Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sunday at the beach...

Kayla and I spent Sunday afternoon at the beach with the cousins. We went to Clearwater Beach outside of Tampa. It was HOT!!!!! We are averaging temperatures around 95 to 98 degrees each afternoon. The only thing that cools us down is the afternoon thunderstorms every other day this time of year. Remeber that the humidity level is around 90% by 9:00 in the morning. But while the north is shoveling snow to find their car, I will be golfing in a mild 50 to 60 degree winter. I'll put up with a few months in the AC or pool for that!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like I have a "Kayla tan-line" on my back. She spent the entire time on my back because she wanted to be in the deep water with me. Kayla has no fear of the beach.

We are looking forward to the day Ashlyn will be able to play with Kayla at the beach. Kayla has been a great sister. She loves to spend time "talking" to the baby. It is clear that they will be great partners in life. We feel like such a complete family. We are blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Wish we were there to enjoy the beach and building sand castles with you! Thinking of you,