Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Think We Have It....

After months and months of searching, we have finally settled on a name for the baby (36 hours before the scheduled birth)......

Her name will be:

Ashlyn Elizabeth Hoefen

Ashlyn - is our changed version of Asha which means hope in Sanskrit. Ashlyn's maternal grandmother's name is Esperanza which means hope in Spanish.

Elizabeth - is a form of Betsy meaning "My God is a Vow." More importantly this is also Ashlyn's paternal grandmother's name.

If all goes as planned, hopefully we won't end up with a son named Ashlyn. If it's a boy, I think we have put all of our eggs in one basket. We don't have a boy name picked out. We will have to think quick on our feet. Knowing that it took nine months to come up with a girl name, we'll see what happens. Who knows, Ashton doesn't sound too bad????

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