Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day 2 of Hurricane Season 2007....

What a start.... On the first day of 2007, we have our first tropical storm of the year. It was also the first day of rain we have had in a few months. Sure looks like an active year to me. Hotels have to be the worst place to work during hurricanes. First problem is, during a storm you want to be home to ensure your property makes it through OK. Well, the owners of the hotel also want to make sure their property makes it through. In other words, it's all hand on deck during the storm. We work 24 hour shifts from the day before the storm until the day after cleanup is completed. Now try being a hotel family where you and your spouse both work in different hotels. This makes it a bit more complicated. Both parties have to work 24 hour shifts in different locations. Who takes care of the house and dog? Who takes care of the kids?

Can you tell how thrilled I am to be back in Florida for the first time since we got hit with four major hurricanes in one season??? Well, for the good news... Mosquitos can't fly very well in hurricane force winds. In fact, a light breeze can save quite a bit of pain.

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