Sunday, January 10, 2010

Surprise Dinner

After a long 12 hour shift, I came home around 7pm. I opened the front door and... WOW!!!!!! What is that wonderful smell?. It was a great mix of white wine, great spices and sweet smells. I was greeted by my girls, Alex and Aaron. Alex, Aaron and the girls had been cooking for hours to try out two new recipes. One of recipes came from a magazine that Grandma Auble gave us while we were at NY for Christmas. The other came from one of our recipe books. Dinner was unbelievably delicious. My two chefs did not allow me to help at all. The entire dinner was a surprise as new dishes showed up in front of me. Alex, then said...we need a couple of candles to make this dinner special. So, I searched for dinner candles and found the only two...very special you recognize them? It is the two candles that Aaron and I used during our wedding ceremony 7 years ago. How special...and a great reminder that I need to buy some. I often wonder..... What have I done to have such a great life. For now, I will just enjoy the many blessing that I have.

This is the appetizer: Pear and Brie Latke (left), Spinach and Red Bell Latke (right)
*A Latke is similar to a potato pancake*

The entree was Chicken and Green Olives with a white wine cream sauce served over a bed of Fettuccine.
Finishing off, desert was a chocolate creme brulee.

This morning was so cold (not up north cold), but Florida cold. We woke up to frozen water pipes. Aaron came to the rescue by going outside with the hairdryer and warming up the exposed pipe. We stayed home for the morning and made waffles (from scratch) with whipped cream and strawberry topping.

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Bret said...

Wow, awesome meal!! Aar, you need to start looking at restaurant ideas again, your cooking is amazing. Elisa, love the resolution. Really enjoyed reading the Orlando chapter. We're looking forward to our time with you guys in Cali!!