Sunday, August 09, 2009

California Trip

A couple of months ago we wen to visit my sister Carmen, Amanda and Linda in California. They live in Irivine. We had such a great time there. We visited different places and enjoyed the cool California weather. There is so much more to see that we were not able to....definitely an excuse to go back !!! Here are some of the trip pictures.

The Crystal Cathedral is the home base for the International Crystal Cathedral Ministries, including a congregation of over 10,000 members and the internationally televised "Hour of Power."

We headed to different places, and some took a couple of hours to get there. The car trips were fun and long. The girls were really good.

We visited one of the many wineries in the area. "Blackjack" is located in Solvang. Since we had the girls, we were not all able to go inside. Aaron was able to go and do a little tasting. He got a bottle that we later enjoyed on our 7th wedding anniversary. Perfect !!!
Solvang dates back to 1911 when Danish-Americans traversed the plains from Iowa to establish a settlement in California. They purchased 9,000 acres of the former Rancho San Carlos de Jonata and situated their new community adjacent to the historic Old Mission Santa Inés. To preserve and promote Danish culture, the founders constructed a Danish folk school and church; then built Atterdag College, which opened in 1914 and educated through 1970.

We spent a day at the beach. The water was cold, but that did not stop us from going in and having a good time.

We visited one of Carmen's friend's avocado farm. They are also growing lemons and grapefruit. We were able to go around and pick avocados. It was a first for us. We brought back enough avocados to last us weeks. The view from the top of the groves is breathtaking.

Mami and Papi took the easy way up to the top of the hill

This is the area were Benedicta and her husband will be building their house.

Lunch in Old Town, San Diego.

A night at the movies

Santa Monica Pier

Linda's Graduation Party

Ashlyn and Kayla's new friend "Sammy Theodore Melgarejo"

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